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In simple terms, we design, construct, refurbish and operate outstanding buildings. For public and private sector clients, and for our own portfolio of properties. Creating a new building – or breathing new life into an existing one – takes vision. Clear, long-sighted vision. A vision that’s shared by the client, the designer, the construction company, the facilities management supplier…


We build, refurbish and extend buildings from our network of offices across the Fiji Islands

Designs & Plans

Achieving good building design is about more than creating a visually striking building. Our designs have long term positive impacts on the end user and wider community. We help to strengthen local identity. We create spaces that improve people’s daily lives. And we do it while protecting the environment by using fewer resources.


Successful property development is never just about bricks and mortar, or steel and glass. Experience shows that the vital component is always people. Having the right team sets the foundation for any development deal.


We as a Construction Company offer a progressive approach to design build, project management and general contracting; providing full service development in cooperation with our clients.

Creative Development Approach

My Dream My Builder (Fiji) provides reliable and accountable construction management services for companies that are already working with architectural firms and designers. We are committed to a transparent and comfortable construction process, providing access and open communication throughout development for greater certainty.

Project Management

Project Management is the complete direction and guidance of a construction project from design onward. We work collaboratively as leaders of a team with the customer and architectural firms to build a concept and refine it into completed designs. Our experience in management allows us direct the design process within the allowed budget and timelines for the project.

Procurement Coordination

My Dream My Builder (Fiji) executes dynamic construction projects through reliable procurement services, managed by our team of highly experienced leaders. Our ability to communicate project requirements to every level of the construction workforce ensures the project vision is never forgotten. Every company and tradesman we procure on behalf of our clients must live up to the same expectations that we do.

General Contracting

My Dream My Builder (Fiji) has its own team of highly skilled labor to support construction requirements. Our approach to construction management is customizing resources to deliver the highest quality at the best value and maintaining the project budget without sacrificing the overall vision.

Risk Management

In the process of managing numerous sub-teams and contractors, UCC is constantly aware of quality, accuracy and safety within the project. Based on the approved designs and project expectations, we vigilantly supervise development to keep within budget while maintaining high standards of quality.

Pushing the Boundaries

To make a mark you have to innovate and not be afraid to push past what is conventional. Whether in commercial, industrial or multi-family residential, there is always a demand for exciting new environments to operate a business. United Construction Company is not afraid to break convention and find creative ways to express the unique perspective of each business we work with.